seydi murat koç
  • "THE FACT OF INVISIBLE CITY BEHIND THE VISIBLE " Although the city phenomena in the era we are living in mostly makes us think of concepts like innovation, transformation and improvement, it also makes us sometimes feel the conflict that makes us question these concepts in the pace of daily life. It can be said that the changes in science and technology only achieve a perceptibly "visual" change in today's cities. But when "the invisible behind the visible" is realized, it will not be hard to comprehend the alienation of the man from himself and his environment becoming estranged from nature with the fact of a "chaotic" life created by the problem of city in an artificial image. In this system, human, engrossed in the hard and tiring flow of today's life is drawn into the vortex of a mechanized and routine life distancing from humanist abilities like thinking questioning, just like Hades, the god of the underworld in Helen Mythology, took Persephone from this world to his kingdom underground. Seydi Murat Koç is a witness of today's individual and the city in which he is living for years and also a young painter who examines the city problems and the destruction these problems cause on individuals in his paintings. He makes the best use of technology for the sake of innovation in terms of contemporary art and improves his style by different techniques. But although he creates new images changing on form basis, he stands firm when it comes to his focus subjects in his paintings, which is also the concrete example of his view of life. Observing and questioning attitude of Seydi Murat Koç, preparing to meet the art audience with a new and dynamic series can easily be understood through these paintings. His large scale painting, named "Hades" with which he won a success award in the last State Painting and Sculpture Competition gives life to the name of this series. His large scale paintings in which white color is mainly used are like a summary of the young painter's all times. He puts different technique and figure approaches which he applied in his various series in his compositions in this series. Various figures he developed in time with the help of serigraphy, linoleum and digital printing techniques starting off with peinture, are placed vertically, diagonally and reversely in these paintings and attract attention creating a contrast with black colors on the white shades. These monumental-scale dynamic figures on white shade, also explaining the content of his approach and the message the young artist wants to convey just like in his previous paintings, can visually be comprehended by the first contact. It can be observed that Seydi Murat Koç, using many techniques boldly in his paintings, examines the fact of "invisible city behind the visible" in his landscape designs that reflect many panoramic views of the city by developing them with photo collages he places transversally in rectangular shape and with the help of various coloring techniques. Unsystematic substructure of the city, corrupted city scene getting more concrete every day, and the cultural values gradually dying away with political problems make sense when the painting is reviewed as a whole. We can also see that monumental figure abstractions which he applied with original printing techniques for a while are replaced by lively, dynamic and realistic figure approach in "Bouncings" series. He also includes the figures in the painting with which he manages to "bounce" to a higher level in terms of style and coloring in the subparts of these paintings in the composition by using stencil technique. As a result, "Hades" series of Seydi Murat Koç attracts attention by making one question the today's city phenomena presented by the perspective of a young artist as well as allowing it to be observed in terms of how various pursuits and applications are integrated with each other thanks to his "determined in terms of content" and "innovative in terms of form" attitude in his paintings.