seydi murat koç
  • Victim Series
  • Victim series has a meaningful deepness that can include the communal realities on it. This series can be seen as an artist' witnessing to his community's reality, his confusions, a plastic relation with it, intellectual deepness of this plastic relation. In his own quietness, while maintaining his fixed language search, the artist knows how advantageous he is in his workings. Because, each composition and painting reality are appearing as his humility's brush. Either his communal contributions, observations and culture, or his own performance to improve his sensibility to everything; dilemma, understanding efforts raise his art to both a spiritual and visual dimension. In fact, his static fictional structure, colors that obey this situation and in a point of identity, his making real himself parallel to 'a victim' metaphor indicates his originality and success. Victim series is accreting by showing an irony and a satire; the canvas is improving itself in a dimension of arrangement idea while putting on the artist's creative inside essence. These series of works are also important as evidence that shows artist's not being a schizoid who swims in a world of fantasy. Another important point is that whatever it is, he is making real the plastic existence with a great importance.