seydi murat koç
  • From the prehistorian times to today, humanbeing has been in a sturggle and search of survival and existence.Each thought and struggle in order to shape the growing has been a kind of step. Every little step to growing is a start for the big steps. In today's world which is a result of Industrial Revolution, the Science and Technology improves rapidly and the living styles change rapidly, thus the steps to be taken become greater . While the communal and cultural values were declining in time, the people who were stepping to the renewing, managed to have 'a bounce'. In order to explore ourselves and continue the stuggle of survival of 'existence', now we need a 'bounce'. Seydi murat Koç with his works, who makes refences to the problems of our era and the attitude that we should take for these problems as individuals, presents us his new series 'BOUNCINGS' in a very different style after a year-working. Bouncing Series show us the accordance with its vivid canvas structure and various techniques which were used during painting with the selected concept. The canvas model that was designed by him a year ago is vertical rectangle shape and is curled to out through down of canvas is integrated with the depiction of the figures. The anatomic structure of the figures in this series is the proof of his observation over bouncing acts of the artist. The artist used more realistic style in order to make the concept more clear in the figures which were positioned vertically in the middle of the canvas. In the backgroud, we see Seydi Murat Koç's pouring and bouncing techniques. And at this point one of the features that we should pay attention is perfect accordance of the background and the message of the artist. One of the other features of the background and the bouncing figures is the unique linoleum printings. Although the artist is using this technique in his workings for a long time decesively, in this serie he presents us his figure recognation differently in both concept and fone relation. Both his previous workings and 'BOUNCING' series show us Seydi Murat Koç's recognation of the mission of 'being an example for the community as an artist'. This recognation is presented us as his own bouncing by using them in his paintings. Now, we will look for whether artist's presentation of wish for renewal with the other bouncing people is going to be conceptualized in our lives like them or not..
    © Ümit Gezgin