seydi murat koç
  • Series of Taboos
  • Taboos occupy a reality in his life. The artist doesn't want to change frequently, but wants to consider his own real aesthetics in an individual- communal value and turning point; at least he wants to try it and while trying the issue of whole life and being an individual in an aesthetic scope, he wants to improve his style and keep it. The artistic excitement's preservation is balanced only by experience like existence. Young or expert, individual constructs his art in a trial-error rhythm. Making progress can't be done by excluding the previous one, but by reminding him that the previous one can be dispensable. Because, in art, there is no place for dispensable things but it can exist only by continuance. Young artist is not doing something different in taboo's series than his previous one. He is considering his own self and the colliding points of his individual existence life time, conflicting, combining and decomposed points. In this way, he is improving his own aesthetic story and creating new areas for himself. Plastic structures are sometimes blooming in a geometrical arrangement, worked inside, blended and completed with a great patience and sometimes including spontaneous, sudden changing values in a very colorful and lyric dimension. Taboos appear such works that colors are categorized in a geometrical roof and also content and form are blended highly in visual language.
    © Ümit Gezgin