seydi murat koç
  • Historical Instinct and Series of Going and Coming
  • Artist will of course start his way from his own self and events he is living in, acquainted events and realities. This acquaintance includes both describing and realizing the environment with his life and geographical acquaintance and includes seeing his own self in an existence category. Though he is young, preserving his serious way and consistency, Seydi Murat Koç among his workings, is making an original plastic by mentioning about figure-self, balance-existence question and with his performance for considering aesthetic fears in an intellectual deepness perspective. Of course, he doesn't have a forced originality and progress, but he has an accepted, transitive, relax expression; so, as a result of this approach he manages to get a close warm original behavior. For historical dimension, in a good organization of arrangement logic, the artist is trying to display a body and existence iconography in his workings which are produced with an expressive way. He is trying to consider fictionality and excitement together in a figure dramatization and concentration which reminds us Max Beckham, and he manages to be successful in this matter.
    Ümit Gezgin